Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nature Sanctuary

S.O.L.  # 6 out of 31

Ahhh, the Nature Sanctuary

Beautiful blue sky

Sunshine shining

70 degree day

Babbling brook........
                                                                              MUTED by ying, yang, whiny, whine, whine. 

Bird chirps........
                                                                                          CHOKED  by  chitter ,chitter, chatter

Wandering Walk ....   
WAFFLED by excited energy racing.

Calm and quiet ....
RATTLED by rocks ricocheting off tree trunks.

Light breeze blowing......
                                                                             BLOCKED by sneakers squishing in the mud.

 Meandering path....   
                                                                               MUDDLED by exploring feet climbing high
      on the nearest hill.                                                     

Meditating moment......
                                                                             FLEETING and filled with mother's fear that                                                              he's going to fall.

But my heart is filled...
the moment I see big brother reach for little sister's hand
 to help her cross the creek 
and all is well! :)


  1. What a precious moment you captured with your words and with photos. I'm sure this is a slice you will treasure for many years to come.

    1. Thank you for commenting Stacey. Even though the didn't turn out as I expected, it was still a memorable day

  2. This is so beautiful that you will want to print this writing and photos to put on your wall! Precious memories! And I loved the imagery of your conflicting descriptions! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Mia. It definitely was contrasting ideas of a fun day at the Nature Sanctuary.

  3. the idea of the 2 conflicting lines for each event resonated with me.... and the outings I've taken my children on! :-)

  4. You have so many things going on here that I really enjoy. I like the purposeful use of typeface and font to help create the contrasts. I also like your word choice for the verbs like "muted," "choked," "waffled," etc. as well as your alliteration, as in "babbling brook," "wandering walk," "calm and quiet," etc.