Friday, March 25, 2016

#25 Stingbug Book

S.O.L. #25 out of 31
The Stingbug Book
Stereotyping a Book; I judged a book by it's cover

Before bed, I tiredly asked my daughter to pick out a book to read.  She has a ton of books on her bookshelf in her room so I fully expected her to bring one of  her favorites, Dr. Seuss, Pete the Cat or If You Give a Dog A Donut or even Pinkalicious would've been fine (for the 1000th time).  But she was standing there holding a bug book. ?? What?? Yeap, a book about bugs. 
I know where she got it. It was from her brother's room. I had ordered the book from the Missouri Conservation Department when my son was  interested in identifying some of the strange bugs he had  captured a long while back.  But now she has it ? and wants to read it? before bed? really?  It even has a stinkbug on the cover.  ewww!!
All of these thoughts quickly flooded my head.  Even though I am sure my face and eyes held a sour grimace, I'm so glad I didn't let any of these words slip from my lips because we actually had a fabulous time reading this book together. 
At first, I thought I could get away with just thumbing through the book, looking and talking about the pictures. But no...she insisted I read the words to her. We read the fun fact and we read each section about the species, habitat, life cycle and food. There was even a ruler at the bottom of each page that indicates the relative size of each bug.  So we had an impromptu lesson on measurement that I was completely surprised she comprehended as well.  All in all, I am glad I didn't squelch her desire to learn about these bugs as much as I am glad I resisted the urge to squash the bugs that my son enjoys capturing.  

P.S. This spawned a trip to the local library in which she picked out more non-fiction books. This time about sports, space and dogs! Why not!?!


  1. I always teach my students to not judge a book by its cover BUT I do it too... I don't tell them that though. Lol Glad you had fun reading that book!

  2. How fun, BUGS! Sounds like she is a budding entomologist, or maybe he is? Either way what a fun way to learn the lesson about not judging a book by it's cover!

  3. My favorite part is the paragraph about keeping your own responses in check. I often have the same challenge when I see my students reading books that I'm not fond of. That's awesome that it culminated in a trip to the library!

  4. So true, so true. Stink bugs are common in New Mexico, ugly but harmless!

  5. Glad the bug book ended up being a great read and learning opportunity.