Friday, March 18, 2016

#18 Sounds like....

# 18 out of 31

Playing with Onomatopoeia
            Sounds Like….

...boing boing, boiiiinnng
                    ....bounce, bounce, swoosh
               ..pow, pow                

….scoot, swish, skkkretch                  
….scoop, scoop, plop
...thubb, thubb, thubb                     
...pedal, pedal, whoosh

            ...brr..brr vroom, vrooooommm

  Pogo stick
  Nerf guns
Rubberband gun
   Dump Trucks
  Big Wheels
 Mini-Dirt Bikes

I went outside to check on my boy and several neighborhood boys had gathered.  All of these toys (no exaggeration)  were being played with or were  lying around recently used.
I guess I could of just listened to the sounds to know what they had been doing!


  1. Loved the use of onomatopoeia! I could hear the scene outside!

  2. Thanks for the fun post this Friday afternoon.

  3. Love the incorporation of sounds! I could "see" them playing before you listed the toys!