Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's Music Time

S.O.L. # 9 out of 31
It's Music time

Have you ever been to this kind of a school music performance? 

Scene A: Typical Elementary Music Night Performance
There are 250 kids dressed to the nines and their parents and grandparents trying to arrive on time and find a parking spot (or more typically...parking single file along the road and walking down a long hill) only to find there are not enough places to sit in the school's gymnasium on the bleachers. So some folks crowd by the doorway, some stand along the wall, while others crouch down in front to sit on the floor with their 200x zoom lens at the ready. Finally all the kids enter, single file, quietly, hands behind their back, teacher leading. While mommys wonder how their child got gum in their mouth, wishing to reach out and tie their child's shoe before they step up on the risers  and straighten the "musted" up curls one more time.  The students each find their predetermined place to stand (of course your youngin' is on the far side behind the tallish kid. You try to point out to grandma which one is him and grandma nods...even though I bet she can't see him.) They all stand in their positions to sing a song or two. The crowd claps even though one  hand is full of the evenings program used mostly to fan themselves because it feels like 80 degrees after hours in a packed school gym. The kids smile, wave and bow.  The night is over except for a few more "stand over here and let me get your picture" moments. Then we do it all again next year when they are a little taller.

The Fine Arts Night at our school was different.

Scene B: Fine Arts Night at my son's  Elementary School 
 Each 3rd grade class will perform but at their own shift. So we arrive with only the students and parents in my son's  3rd grade class.  First we enter the gym to gaze at the Van Gogh inspired Night City Scapes hanging on the room partitions all around the room.
   Soon enough, students gather with the music teacher while parents and grandparents take a seat in the cafeteria. (All the tables are moved and rows of chairs horseshoe the clearing in the center) Seems everyone has a front seat, perfect view.  The students enter, single file, quietly, hands behind their back, teacher leading.  Some mommies still wish they  could reach out, straighten the hair and tie the shoe and wonder "Where did that gum come from?"
 The class performs just as they would in music class. The teacher teaches the importance of each song, she uses the musical words and conducts their singing just like in class.  It is special.
 Lots of instruments are strategically placed around the rug. Children sit down at each, dutifully play the part, then move on to the next one on the beat of the song. Each takes a turn at most of the instruments.  No one gets the "special part". They all feel special tonight!
Next boys and girls line up two by two to dance to the rhythmic beat of the southern folk dance,  Alabama Gal.   Each pair sashays down the middle, do-si-dos their partner, forms a bridge while others parade under and it all starts again.
Parents snap pictures, smile and laugh at their little dolls. Then the teacher tells the students to pick a partner from the audience to join them. Now parents are do-si-do-ing, sashaying, and parading under bridges although not the most rhythmic beat.
Yet they are smiling and creating the best memories with their precious 3rd grader!

Thank you Mrs. P! This was a great night! 


  1. Oh, option B for sure. I am going to pass this along to my elementary music teachers! What a way to truly showcase what the students have been learning!

  2. I love this! What a great idea. We usually have a 3rd grade play/performance and a 5th grade one. Nothing for the other grades.

  3. Sounds great! Such a better memory!