Thursday, March 31, 2016

#31 Twain's trunk

SOL #31 OUT OF 31 (yipee!!!)
Out of Twain's Trunk

One of my 5th graders was quietly reading a magazine which I noticed he pulled from a large manila colored envelope. I instantly knew it must have been a special magazine and was intrigued to find out more about it.  He nonchalantly explained that his grandfather gave him this envelope with a magazine inside to read. "Incidentally", there was an article in this antique magazine featuring his grandfather.  I quickly flipped to the article to read it.  It was titled, "Unpacking Twain's Trunk". Poised next to the title was a picture of this boy's grandfather posing with an old, large, antique trunk.  Inscribed on the top of the trunk were the words "Property of Samuel Clemens" (of course, we know him as Mark Twain---from our home state of Missouri) It seems my students grandfather had recently acquired a trunk thought to be the property of Mark Twain! Wow!! I stood in awe as I read and reread this article. The article claims there was even a stray gray strand of hair (with the picture to prove it) left behind in the trunk.  Forensic experts are analyzing it now.  They have had professionals examine every nook and  cranny of this crate.  They were able to trace the manufacturer back to the St. Louis are  in 1867.  Guess who was living in St. Louis in 1867. Yeap, good ole Samuel Clemens. 
So it seems this man has his hands on history. Oh how I would love to get a whiff of the stories this old box holds.  
Hey, maybe my student will bring it for show and tell!!
 I can only dream about that....or at least use that for a story idea!! 

(Sorry I didn't include my pictures of the magazine, article and other pictures of Twain's trunk. I wasn't prepared to write about this tonight and I left them at school)  

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