Thursday, March 24, 2016

#24 Today I am a sponge

# 24 out of 31
Today I am a sponge
I began my morning by checking in on Facebook. Not me posting (I have nothing worthy of saying today) but by "checking in" to see what others are doing. Quickly, I see a post by a friend,  the assistant principal of our primary school. She linked to her blog post which was incidentally about a book that I am also reading, Innovator's Mindset. Of course, this grabbed my attention. 
I read her blog post...
            I watched each video,
                      I  read each article she linked to, 
                              I  clicked through the embedded slideshows. 
But I still have nothing to write myself.

Pretty soon, (probably more like a couple of hours)

 I'm sitting here with multiple tabs open,
             taking notes of others ideas,
                      capturing links, 
                           saving images 
                                  getting excited about new ideas. 
 But still with nothing to say myself. 

It is four hours later...literally.

I have posted those powerful quote memes that touched me on Facebook.
         I have shared a  video link to my sister that I think will           
              encourage her to continue writing. 
             I have commented on several other bloggers amazing posts 
                    in the Slice of Life today
But still I have nothing to say myself. 

I may  have been sucked into the powerful vortex of online media and even though I haven't written anything profound today, 
     I know my brain has grown 200%
               I know my heart has been touched with others' stories
                   I know my thoughts are changing
                        I hope I have supported others today
and I will keep writing because you should....
 even though today I felt more like the sponge. 


  1. Great quote by L'Amour. It is funny the amount of time we waste in thinking that we have nothing to write about when the truth is, as L'Amour said, when the faucet is turned on, the water will flow. I liked the way you made this poemish, with the different line breaks and beginnings. And I like that, in your piece, I saw some of me today (and yesterday too). Sometimes the words will just not come...

  2. OH my goodness! I so get this!

  3. And you continue to write...... perfect!