Friday, March 4, 2016

Flipping for books

S.O.L. #4 out of 31

Flipping for Books...literally!!

Last night our school tried something new in conjunction with our annual book fair.  Almost two hundred students stayed after school to watch a book themed movie, Goosebumps. They  all paid $5 and received a popcorn and water. (yes, we have the proper school movie license) They enjoyed spreading out across the gym floor, lying on their pillows and blankets and  watching the movie with their closest friends.  When the movie was over, parents came to pick up their children and were invited to stay for an all-you-can-eat Pancake dinner!! Who knew so many people loved pancakes for dinner!?? We far exceeded our 80 person "break-even" goal. The line was backed up all the way down the hallway with kids and parents with their plates at the ready to catch a flying, flipping cake. Yes, they really flipped pancakes to anyone who wanted to try and catch one!

We even had a pancake eating contest.  The winner received $25 gift certificate to the  book fair!! So, of course, as families finished their dinner, they moseyed  over the our book fair.  Books were flying off the shelves just like the pancakes! At times I think the line was 20 people lone waiting to check out.  So exciting to see so many families going home with full bellies and bags full of books ready to fill little hearts and minds! 


  1. I heard kids talking today about how much fun they had! What a great way to promote community (and make a little money for your school).

    1. So thankful it was a success. A win-win for all! :)

  2. Love the description....I can taste the pancakes!