Friday, March 20, 2015

Rough Morning

S.O.L. #20 out of 31
I will never to that again!

I woke up this morning stiff as a board! I ended up falling asleep on my daughter's floor in her room. Yes, we have created a bad habit of me laying with her until she goes to sleep. (That is a whole different slice of life to write about one of these days.)  But last night I tried just laying on the floor in her room, beside her bed.  I fully intended on getting up to go to my own bed as soon as she fell asleep. Trouble is....I fell asleep first!  So I woke up and e-v-e-r-y-s-i-n-g-l-e muscle in my body ached and e-v-e-r-y-s-i-n-g-l-e joint in my body was sore! I am still trying to stretch the kinks out this morning. I have got to figure something else out for tomorrow. 

The second part of my rough morning was helping my son with his homework. Don't ever try to do homework in the morning.  We forgot to check his backpack last night. So this morning I checked it and see there are several workbook pages that we are supposed to go over and discuss because he has a TEST TODAY!!!! Doing homework with my son, even on a good day, can try my patience. But trying to cram studying into the busy, hectic morning was the wrong move. My patience was already thin since I was so sore from my rough floor sleeping. I am pretty sure all I did in our frantic study session this morning was confuse him.So I ended up telling the boy, "Good luck. Do your best on your test." I  have never been so relieved to say 


  1. That is a rough morning! I liked the way you stretched out the letters in every single. I don't know how old your daughter is but I hope she grows out of this soon.

  2. Oh my! That sure makes for a close knit, tight family! Sleeping together, doing homework together, even if it's crammed and's still being a family and loving it! Good job, mama!

  3. Being a mom brings such clarity to the phrase "do what you gotta do." Sounds like a rough start to the day, but I'm sure from your kids' perspectives all they saw was a mom who cares so much about them. (If you figure out the not falling asleep together thing, please write another slice about it--we're stuck in the same habit with our 3-year-old!)

  4. I would suggest a meal out, minus children, with a nice bottle of wine or drink of choice to compensate for your rough night and morning. Hope your son did well on his test.

  5. I agree it sounds like you need some rejuvenation . . . A massage, glass of wine and what ever else makes you happy! Being a mom and working is a tough, tough life so to say you deserve it is an understatement :-)