Monday, March 16, 2015

Currently Body vs. Brain

S.O.L. #16 out of 31
Body versus Brain

Have you ever had a morning when your brain wakes up before you body does? Where your body just wants to stay in bed, enjoy a few minutes of extra sleep but your brain wakes you up? This is what happens to me.

Currently I am ….
staying in bed because I don’t have anywhere I have to go
relaxing in the calm and quiet of no one awake, yet
keeping my eyes closed so they don’t get a glimpse of the dawn appearing outside my window
trying not to look at the time on the alarm clock
snuggling under the warm covers
enjoying a few minutes of extra sleep, comfortable in my own bed

But my brain is eager to get a jump start on the day.
Currently MY BRAIN is…...

awakening although my eyes are still closed
making a list for my day
talking to me
trying to boss me around
reminding me of all the chores that need to be done,
convincing me to get up,
taking a walk around the block.
making coffee
slicing away

I swear it  would be……
bouncing on the bed if it could.

I guess I'd better get up!


  1. My break started today too. Isn't it wonderful to take time to enjoy the little things like snuggling under the warm covers. I like how you contrasted you and your brain. Enjoy your break!

  2. How I can relate to this. There are many days when my brain is ready to go before my body is.

  3. Ha, love "I swear it would be bouncing on the bed it it could"! Quite an image!

  4. Like how you pulled the compare and contrast structure through the whole piece. Have a great break!

  5. I can completely relate! It's good to know that someone else makes a to-do list while still snuggled in the warmth and safety of the half-awake state before jumping out of bed to conquer the world. :)

  6. So the brain won today's battle then! I loved "trying to boss me around"!

  7. It's spring break! Enjoy your "I love life!" moments!