Thursday, March 5, 2015

I love my craft closet

I love my craft closet.
S.O.L. #5 out of 31

I <3 my craft closet.

tempera,   watercolor & puffy paint

construction, notebook, tracing paper

crayons, markers, colored pencils
coloring books

safety, child-size & zig zag scissors
tissue paper

glitter, stickers, sparkly stars

Elmer’s, hot & sticks of glue
glue gun

craft sticks, wiggly eyes,raffia

pipe cleaners,  yarn, string

playdough, silly putty, cookie cutters
rolling pin

invitations, stamps, cards


  1. Oh this sounds fun. I'm not crafty but I copy.

  2. I love how your poem plays with possibilities. The last few lines give us a glimpse into what you create with all those supplies, yet there are items in the inventory that don't quite fit, expanding crafting beyond greeting cards, and -- I imagine -- including little crafters in your world. All this in a list of things. What a neat idea! How did you come up with it?

  3. Well, someone actually quizzically inquired "You're crafty?" I didn't know how to respond beyond....well name a craft item and I bet I have it! In fact, I took all the coats out of my front entry closet and installed shelves to organize all the goods. That question got me thinking about all the goodies I have in there and realizing how fulfilled I am to just have them in their "spot"....... So I have anything I might need to create something at any time.....I could have played with the words a bit more...but it turned out as a three series list followed by one word groups of items. I like your idea of starting with a list of supplies and transforming into the craft created....maybe I will re-write!

  4. What really works for me w/ this poem is the idea it can be from both the voice of an adult and from the voice of a child. Love the text coding in the title.