Sunday, March 8, 2015

Little Eyes are Watching

Little Eyes are Watching

S.O.L. #8 out of 31

Sharing writing can be an  inspiration---even to an 8 year old.
On a weeknight evening last week, I sat quietly curled up on the couch with my laptop cruising  through the TWT Slice of Life posts, searching for inspiring idea for my day 6 Slice of Life.
My son and daughter were each busying themselves around the house.
I’ve read most of the slices I've written to my son and daughter……
one slice about their dad,
another slice -a poem about my daughter,
an yet another slice about my love of crafts.
This time my eight year old son sat down beside me in the large recliner and declares,
“Mom, I wrote a poem about Kaitlyn.” (his little sister)
I had no idea that he was practicing being a writer. I was pleasantly surprised that he had put down the game controller and turned Minecraft off in his brain  long enough to be inspired to write a poem himself!!
He revealed a notepad with a perfectly planned acrostic poem.

This is his acrostic poem he wrote all my himself about his little sister, Kaitlyn.

kaitlyn acrostic.jpg

Krazy (inventive spelling I guess)
At the couch
In the iPad
So it might need some editing and wasn't too complimentary.
But I was thrilled all the same that he was inspired to be a writer.


  1. It is thrilling. Great modeling, Mom! Now to continue to help him grow, as you continue to grow, as a writer.

  2. What fun to watch them write and share. I love it when kids begin to write on their own.

  3. Love the sharing of slices! What a great model and mentor you are!

  4. The model is a powerful teacher. What we do and say matter. What a powerful lesson for you, as a parent, to see your children emulating writing as they see you write. Lovely.

  5. You never know when what you do will be the catalyst for your children to try or do something. Love his poem!

  6. I love when our children catch our good habits like reading and writing! Nice job catching a slice of his slice!

  7. Oh, that's awesome! And he's had to put aside some stuff to do this. That's a keeper for the scrapbook!