Monday, March 9, 2015

Living on the Edge of the Law

S.O.L. #9 out of 31

Living on the edge of the Law
Yeap  It happened...My kids and I were driving along Sunday afternoon on the back country roads after visiting my husband’s family on the farm. My husband was trailing  a ways behind us on his Harley enjoying the sunny afternoon ride.   With my mind elsewhere, we came to a small town to pass through when IT happened…..
the red and blue light
“welcome committee”
pulled me over!!!!!
Seems I was traveling a bit fast through their small town. Oops!
I’m sure my poor kids were a bit nervous in the back seat as they had never experienced getting pulled over by the police before.  So after he took my license and insurance, I proceeded to try and calm them down.  I told  them about the whole process and assured them that everything was going to be alright.  Thinking this was a good time to learn a lesson,
I tried to throw in a little responsibility lecture about consequences, etc

After sitting alongside the road for over a half and hour, I pull away with only a warning (Wheww!! Lucky!) Then overheard my  son giving his sister some advice.   He suggested, “Don’t let Mom drive you to your wedding.  She will make you late.”
I chuckled since his sister is only four years old.
Then he proclaimed,
“I’m riding with DAD next time.”

(Ahha! Lesson Learned!!)


  1. That must have been scary, at least momentarily. But kids do know how to put everything into their perspective. And I wonder what your husband thought when his son said he wanted to ride on the Harley with Dad next time.