Friday, March 13, 2015

March Book Madness

S.O.L. #13 out of 31

Are you mad?.......
We've got March Book Madness at our school! 

                   This is what my teacher friends and I made (one late Friday night after school) to kick off the March Book Madness.  Boy did that giant wall size bracket ever attract some attention as students began streaming down the hallway the next school day. 
                 Once the Sweet 16 were announced, w e replaced the "16's" on the brackets (out of view in this pic) with the actual book covers. The students walk down this hallway right by this bracket checking to see if their beloved favorite book has reached the next round. 

                I have loved hearing all the great book chatter that this challenge has stirred up. This week I videotaped students, teachers and even our assistant principal giving book talks about their favorite books that have made it into the sweet 16.  I shared the videos with the other teachers so everyone in the school can be a part of the excitement!  I have witnessed groups of boys circled around a bracket contemplating and surmising which titles will beat out which on the next rounds.     Girls are devouring books and swapping them with friends. Students are bringing in their personal copy of books to loan to our classroom library for others to check out and read. Even boys are picking up and reading a book called Sisters. (who would have thought) And it seems our whole school is behind a little title called Wonder.

              Follow along as it unfolds by visiting Marchbookmadness  Anyone can vote! There is something for everyone; A picture book bracket, Middle Grade bracket & a YA bracket.  Check it out.  I bet you'd have a favorite!! 


  1. Fabulous! I love how your whole school is behind this amazing literacy activity! Growing life-long readers: that's you all! Congrats! Good luck to the books! LOL Jennifer Sniadecki

  2. What a fun idea!

  3. I think it's wonderful that you are giving your students such a love for reading! Best gift ever!

  4. That's so great!! So did they vote on the book to make it win??? Love this idea!!!