Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let them Lick the Beaters

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My four year old daughter is eager to jump on the counter and help mama cook. Nowadays its more like me help her cook because she does all the pourin, stirring, and cracking the eggs (heck she can even separate the yolks if ya need her to) 
Today she jumped up on the counter to help me make some mini cheesecake bites (the kind out of  the box---not from scratch---don't get too excited) for our neighbors.  She neatly placed all of the little wrapper cups into each  the mini muffin tin hole as I grabbed a mixer out of the drawer.  
I simply grabbed the quick little stick hand mixer.

 As soon as I whipped around with that thing in my hand she shouted, "No, not that one!" I was shocked and thought to myself, "Now, Missy, it will make no difference which type of mixer I use. I am sure I have seen Rachel Ray use this exact mixer and things turn out just fine." 
But I quickly ask, "Why not?" To which she smartly replies, with a giant smile on her face "Because then I can't lick the beaters!!"

Ahha! Now I know why she likes to help mamma cook! That's  my girl.  
So of course I put that one back in the drawer and pulled out the standard hand mixer. I don't bet that "other one" will see the light of day anytime soon.  
So mammas I beg of you, provide your child with that right of childhood passage and


  1. I remember getting to lick the beaters as a kid----sometimes arguing with my brothers over who would get that honor! Thanks for bringing back such a fun childhood memory!

  2. Love the memes! And I LOVE licking the beaters, too!

  3. Of course we all licked the beaters! But now we have to listen to all the negatives of licking uncooked batter :-( what is this world coming to? I love the quote on the picture!

  4. My wife still loves licking the beaters when I am finished. er favorite...Jewish Apple Cake batter.

  5. Hey--we're all alive :) I've already let my toddler try cake batter...because you're right! It's delicious and we all love it.

  6. I remember licking the beaters. My mom used to let my daughters do it too - that is one of the memories of Grandma that they still talk about. Thanks for the quick trip down memory lane today!

  7. I sent you an email back with information from the notice email I received, if you didn't get it let me know!

    1. notice email? sorry I didn't get it.