Thursday, January 2, 2020

OLW for 2020

 Reach for 20/20
My One Little Word for 2020

On New Year's Day I was still looking for my one little word for this year. (sidenote: 2018=Joy, 2019= Believe) I was reading other's blogs and posts and was gathering inspiration from their  OLW selections.  However, I was still searching for mine on Jan 1st while the Rose Bowl New Year's Day parade played on the TV in the background. The first float paraded by it's theme caught my ear....."Reach for the stars!"  
Yes, so full of ambition and potential-  Open to possibilities. Reach for the stars! Reach for 2020- yes, 20/20 vision - seeing clearly. 
  I singled out the word "Reach" .  We can reach for so much more than stars. Its meaning could weave through many facets of my life. 

 Reach....for my loved ones. Spending that quality time with each of my children.  Knowing their love language. Giving hugs. to touch.  Connecting with them. Same for my spouse! Taking the time to reach out to other family members too. Whether it's picking up the phone to call, commenting on a Facebook post, sending a package or letter, making the effort to attend that family gathering or hosting it for that matter! 
Reach......and stretch! Yes, to stretch my body feels so good. If only for 5 minutes while the coffee brews to ignite those muscles. Maybe that will lead to more opportunities to pursue exercise for me. Yoga...that's stretching right?....that's my kind of exercise! 
Reach....... out to others. It might be actually lending a helping hand or  it could be a simple smile or wave. Be open. Reach  out to others -co-workers, neighbors, even strangers.  A kind word or compliment can brighten someone's day. Those sunshine rays will fill my soul too. 

Reach....deep within myself. What is it that I truly want and desire? Pull out my character , my being,  find my purpose.  Let those  dreams  rise to the surface and grab on to them! 

 Reach seemed to ring clearer and clearer with my vision for 2020.  
So I will reach for the New Year's bell 
and ring in 2020 with  

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  1. What a great word! Full of so many possibilities! here's to a wonderful 2020. Happy New Year.

  2. Beautiful intention! Setting this intention for the year can give powerful rewards! Thank you for the reminder for all of us!